How to choose the suitable mixing paddles for my material?

While you are choosing the mixing paddles, first of all, you should know what materials that you want to blend. Secondly, considering the bucket that you are going to use. Ferro-Carbon provides different shapes of blades for varieties of materials, such as plasters, concretes, dyes, paints, watery coating and so on. For mixing the material, you will pull the material from bottom to top, you could also choose other paddles, which blend things vice versa.

What types of paddle thread that you provide to fit the mixers?

Ferro-Carbon provides three types of threads attach to mixer machine, connecter SDS, M14 thread and hex steel.

It is common to use tools on right hands, do you have products specially designed for left-handed?

Ferro-Carbon understands the concerns that left-handed people have, therefore, for our notch trowel, we have a special design for both right and left-handed people, with a single twist of trowel handle, it could be used for both ways.

What sizes of diamond hole saws do you provide?

Ferro-Carbon provide from size small as cable wire to drain size, which are 4mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 33mm, 43mm, 53mm, 63mm, 73mm to 83mm, and it depends on your requirement for drilling to choose different size.

What functions of cleaning bucket included?

The functions of cleaning bucket include: water bucket, float clean up, stuff bucket when work finished.

What capacities of suction cup lifters can hold?

It depends on the number of suction cup lifter, each lifter is 40 kg capacity and Ferro Carbon provide maximum 4 cup lifter.

Is it better to use rubber mallets instead of metal mallets?

It depends on the material you want to knock. when it goes to fragile material, rubber mallet is the best choice. When it goes to hard material, a metal mallet will be what you need.

What to do if the mosaic cutter not sharp anymore?

Loose the carbide wheel and turn to shape side, or change the carbide wheel when it all wore out.

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