• Quality and Trust.

    Founded in 1989, Ferro Carbon is the pioneer in tile tools industry to manufacture and supply Tungsten-carbide related products. The devotion of more than 30 years along the guarantee of highest quality, fast delivery and 100% satisfied service, Ferro Carbon become one of global top suppliers in tiling hardware market.

  • Strengthen competitive advantage

    In order to maintain the competitive advantage of the enterprise, Ferro-Carbon continuously innovates, develops new products to lead market and satisfy customer demands. In 1993, we pioneered new product, tiles cutter which is made in lightweight materials.

    With the outstanding performance of this new generation tool, we successfully entered to Europe market. It was the turning point in company history as we grow rapidly from that time.

  • Innovation

    We value the needs of each customer, targeting high-quality and high-value.
    Based on this, we create the world’s first centerless drill design greatly reduce the drilling time and defect rate that stabilize our products.

  • Unique Technology

    To fulfill end user’s new demand, we keep innovating industrial level of suction cup with enhanced suction pad. The application is no longer limited by smooth surface of tiles, rough ones are acceptable as well.

  • Technology transfer and elegant industrial design

    Transforming and extending the core technology of industrial suction cups, we invent household suction cups integrating power and beauty together. And we won Taiwan Excellence Award due to its perfection and innovative design.